Human Branding

Brand affiliation. Identification. Identity.
Brand. Mark. Branding.
Body. Embody. Corporation.

Smart business meets gangster style.

The lines are blurred. 

Martin Doerken – Human Branding – Targo Bank – USA
Martin Doerken – Human Branding – Unilever– UK
Martin Doerken – Human Branding – Gazprom – Russia
Martin Doerken – Human Branding – British Petrol – UK
Martin Doerken – Human Branding – Apple – USA
Martin Doerken – Human Branding – Tesla – USA
Martin Doerken – Human Branding – Telefonica – Spain
Martin Doerken – Human Branding – Mercedes Benz – Germany

Corporate identity and personal identity, identification and slavery.
Subtle. Sublime. Subcutaneous.

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Branding, also known as stigmatization, involves the use of typography, symbols, or designs to burn into a living person’s skin. This mark, created by hot or cold branding tools, is permanent. People can be branded with their consent or under duress. Brandings signify association or allegiance.

Branding as a Rite

Some communities or organizations use branding as a ritual for initiation. It can signify membership or allegiance to a particular group. The branded are often enslaved, oppressed, imprisoned, or involuntarily controlled. Branding uses the techniques of marking livestock on humans.

Brand & Trademark

The term brand, used in today’s marketing context as trademark, refers to all the unique attributes and features that set certain products apart from others under other brand names. This contemporary use of the term “brand” has its roots in the historical practice of branding.

Artificial Intelligence

I used artificial intelligence as a tool to create the photographs. None of these people exist.

All depicted characters were created by entering so-called text prompts.

When entering a generic prompt, a white person embodying American beauty ideals is created first. Without further specific information, generally young, athletic-looking people are made, ranging from about 22 to maybe 40 years old, who appear like photo models.

These values, ideals, notions, and prejudices had been imparted to the AI by its predominantly white, male programmers. Their mindset cemented in AI.

Of course, this text is written by AI.

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