Just days before the election The election is long past and gone … too much has not happened … some heads have rolled while others only mutated … the images have matured like cheap wine and voter fatigue still gets a shot in the arm. Everything seems to be fake, marketing meets propaganda, veritable novelty versus crystal-clear lies, borders that might have existed a long time ago are blurry now. No politician is safe from Doerken´s razor-sharp view, who enters has entered the game from his Kreuzberg stronghold.
Merkel, Gabriel, Seehofer, Juncker, Erdogan, Trump, Johnson, Farage, Le Pen and other comedians sacrifice themselves on the politically correct altar of liberty and democracy.

It´s high time to remove all filters and take a direct look back and forward at the over and over again same characters and incidents to tease out the deeply slumbering truth even deeper down below …