Angela – Ausstellung von Martin Doerken

Angela – Exhibition at Galerie Knoth & Krüger

2. September, 2017

Perfectly fitting the upcoming election my exhibition “Angela” takes place at the wonderful Gallery Knoth & Krüger in Kreuzberg in the long week before.

Merkel? Schulz?? Özdemir??? Lindner???? Does it matter?
You haven´t made a clear choice yet?

Ok let´s take a little look back and forward at Angela´s fabulous adventures …

So what´s going on in politics?
Veritable novelty or real fake news?
Winding factoidal half-bakedness? Slick sinuous lies?
Brainwashing or brainbashing?
Election campaigns pulling no punches? Or maybe more of a complete pony-riding-clubification?

Evidently something seems to be so absolutely wrong in politics and media.

It´s high time to remove all filters and take a direct look back and forward at the over and over again same characters and incidents to tease out the deeply slumbering truth even deeper down below …



Saturday, 16.9. at 7 pm



16.9. – 23.9.2017


Galerie Knoth & Krüger

Oraniensstrasse 188
10999 Berlin Kreuzberg



Angela – Ausstellung von Martin Doerken